How To Keep Your Kids And Have A Nice House

How To Keep Your Kids And Have A Nice House

You don’t need to look at your children sideways. . .
waiting for them to grow up . .
so you can have a nice space.
You don’t have to choose. . .you can have both!

Your House Is Different?
I know, I know . . .
your house is busy,
the kids are in sports… .or worse
you have a house full of teenagers. . .
or even worse that than. . . you have . . .
“they should be gone by now” kids;)

I promise we can do all sorts of things. . .
that will turn your home into something . . .
that warmly greets you at the end of the day.

There is so much that can be done!
Every day, I see people excited. . .by the results.
Don’t be one of those people that say. . . .
“I wish I had done this years ago.”

Don’t wait! Enjoy your home today!

Send me an email or let’s chat 613-203-0583.
I am here to help!

Sue Pitchforth

How Can I Get A New Look With Old Furniture!

How Can I Get A New Look With Old Furniture!

So many people start off by telling me…
“My furniture is old, and I just can’t afford to buy new stuff yet”

They put everything on hold . . .
because they think they need big-ticket items to:
– Start the process in any way
– See change
– Make this worthwhile

This isn’t the case at all!

Save Lots Of Money!

Last week, I met with a client…
her relationship had dissolved…

She didn’t have a big budget but she didn’t care
At “all costs” she wanted a new look. . .
She wanted to express herself and change her environment.

I explained . .
she could get everything she wanted without new furniture.

In the first 10 minutes, she was ecstatic
– about my plans
– how we saved all sorts of money
– how easy and inexpensive it was!

Don’t let anything derail your ambitions!

Let’s talk. . .
I promise you it’s easier than you think!

Just connect with me through email me or call me at

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Sue Pitchforth

It Happened Again!

It Happened Again!

Yesterday, I was talking to someone . . .
Here’s how it went:
Client:  Can you tell me about your style?
Me:      My style?
Client:  Yes, I have been watching all sorts of designer shows, and  I need to know your style so I can see if it’s a good fit for me?
I feel so bad when I hear this. . .
because of all the work that people go through.
Here’s the thing – my style is for my house, not yours.
It’s About You Not Me;)
My job is to bring out your personality in your home!
To celebrate your life and your story!
And the best part is. . . . .
It’s inexpensive, takes less time and you will have all sorts of fun!
You already have a style.  . . I promise!
My job is to pull that together for you. . . with things you already have, and some basic tweaking.
Want to hear more about how we do this. . just give me a call
Sue Pitchforth
How To Avoid Design Distress And A Husband!

How To Avoid Design Distress And A Husband!

Okay, you have decided to take the plunge. . .
You want to really love your home again.
You want it to be a relaxing haven that you enjoy!

What isn’t relaxing though. . .
is the idea of your husband having ideas! LOL!

Not A Problem… At All!
I deal with this all day long. . .

Partners and Husbands fall into a number of categories
-they’ll worry about the money
-don’t like change
-don’t want an outsider making changes
-they have their own ideas
-they want to be involved

I’ve been told. . .
I’ m as good at managing these dynamics . . .
as I am at design!

So don’t let anyone slow you down at all!

Give me a call… .(613) 203-0583
– we can have a chat
– you’ll get an idea of how easy this is to navigate.

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Sue Pitchforth

You’re Just 1 Hour Away!

You’re Just 1 Hour Away!

Put down the remote and back away from the TV.
You don’t need a crazy full scale home makeover!
I know, you think your home is different.
Yup, I would say that 90% of my clients have said that to me.
Here’s the thing. . .
Honestly, you have most of the stuff you need.
The Art Is In The Story
Let’s talk about something like art or wall accents.
You have sentimental pieces, a history. . .
You would be amazed at the fun things we could do.
As an example. . .
-I have framed old family recipes
-made a feature wall out of a photographers old cameras
-showed off children’s art
-made a beautiful display of a jewelry collection
-created a sports wall out of their kids sports paraphernalia
I promise you . . .
You have amazing pieces that we can work with. . .
After doing this for 20 years. . .
I know you are not the exception to the rule!
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Sue Pitchforth