Interior Design:
5 Most Common Mistakes In Design

As a Interior Designer, I believe anyone can love their home regardless of their budget.

The simplest things can make the biggest difference in Interior Design.

The big budgets you see on TV are fun to watch but who has that type of money or time?

  1. Start with What you Have: Despite all the TV shows, with Interior Design, you don’t need to start from scratch. You definitely have pieces we can work with, I promise you! Think about it this way, would you throw out every piece of clothing you own, or have you found that updating, can give you a whole new look?
  2. Any Budget Can Bring Change: You really can make a difference regardless of your budget.  You would be amazed at the low cost techniques and treatments we have in our bag of tricks.
  3. Editing Changes Everything: Often, it’s what we take out of the room that makes the biggest difference in Interior Design.  I love seeing the amazement in my client’s eyes when they see the transformation, with nothing to purchase!

Even On A Low Budget!

  1. Celebrate Your Family: It’s your home so it should be all about you. Interior Design, isn’t about pretty rooms that no one wants to sit in. It’s about designing rooms that celebrate your family’s personality and lifestyle.
  2. Take Risks on The Small Stuff: When you want to be bold, or experimental try it on the smaller items. This makes Interior Design affordable and easy to change.
  3. The Right Interior Designer: An Interior Designer is not someone that comes into your home and gives it a new look. It’s someone that helps your find your creative expression through the design of your home.

How To Be Proud Of Your Home… even if Low Budget!

Interior Design Ideas are not about fashion magazines and what’s “on trend.” It’s really about having fun and creating a living space you enjoy.

This can really be a lot of fun.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal, at all.  With my clients, we often start small and just work together on different projects over time.