Put down the remote and back away from the TV.
You don’t need a crazy full scale home makeover!
I know, you think your home is different.
Yup, I would say that 90% of my clients have said that to me.
Here’s the thing. . .
Honestly, you have most of the stuff you need.
The Art Is In The Story
Let’s talk about something like art or wall accents.
You have sentimental pieces, a history. . .
You would be amazed at the fun things we could do.
As an example. . .
-I have framed old family recipes
-made a feature wall out of a photographers old cameras
-showed off children’s art
-made a beautiful display of a jewelry collection
-created a sports wall out of their kids sports paraphernalia
I promise you . . .
You have amazing pieces that we can work with. . .
After doing this for 20 years. . .
I know you are not the exception to the rule!
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Sue Pitchforth