So what don’t you like about that room (or rooms)?
Does that question overwhelm you?
It does for most of my clients!

It’s Not Really Your Job!
Think about your hair. . .
ladies have you ever just went to the hairdressers and explained…
How much you don’t like your hair…
but weren’t sure what to do about it?
So you relied on them!

That’s my job, all day long!
It’s my job to know where to start and what to do!
-how to pull it together
-show you the HUGE potential (that’s been hidden for so long)
-and to do it quickly and very inexpensively.

My client often says:
“thought I needed to have it figured out”
“know where to start”
-“or at least what to ask for”

I am inspired to talk about this today. . .
as I just returned from another client’s home who for $249 is now
ecstatic about her bedroom’s new look!

And like all my other client’s she said, —-
“wish I had done this sooner”!

Life is short– enjoy the room your in!!!!

Sue Pitchforth