If you want to sell, anything than you need to SELL it!
What does that mean? It means sell me on why I want that one!
We all sell things all day long. Have you never sold a friend,
on why “this is a good idea.” Or, why we should go there. . for dinner?
Of course, you have.

So then why would you not make every effort to SELL the most
expensive thing that you have ever own. Remember, if someone
is looking for a house – yours is not the only one.

In fact, if you even get them to your house consider yourself lucky.
90% of people check for pictures online first,
before they ever consider going to a house.
You have to SELL the house to peak their interests
enough to come for a visual.

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Home Staging is an essential marketing tool:

  • You Don’t Know the Market – Stagers know what today’s buyers are
    looking for in their new homes.
  • You Get One Little Chance – You get seconds online to impress someone with your house.
    Stagers know how to make your house stand out in pictures!
  • Sitting On The Market Hurts: The longer the house is on the market,
    the more it works against you.

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Sue Pitchforth