Honestly, I don’t know where to start with the story… but it keeps coming up
— so I want to share it!

Emotions Run High, In A Time of illness

On several occasions, I have been brought a home where
someone was rather ill. Due to their illness (or treatment), they are
now spending most of their time at home and thus their home
becomes so much more important!
(Like our pj’s when we have a bad cold!)

-I have been brought in by the “patient’ that needed a mood boost!

-I have been sent in by friends, that wanted desperately to do
something nice but didn’t know what?

-I have been brought in by the spouse who suddenly has a lot of
guests and with emotions running high, really wants their home
to look nice.

I have to admit, each time, it’s been so life-affirming and hugely
rewarding for me! With the smallest budget, 1 hour of time and
without disturbing the flow of the house. . . .we change the energy
of the home and leave it renewed!

But the bigger reward is my client’s telling me the difference it
made for them and their loved ones!!!

It’s never been about design – for me. . .
It’s about uplifting a room and the people in it!!

Sue Pitchforth