I had a client explain to me. . . .
I go to the bathroom at the Spa… and I feel an instant calm!

Why Can’t I Have The Spa Experience?
More than once, I have heard. . .
“Why can’t I feel this way at home. Why can’t I love my big house,
the way I love the tiny bathroom at the spa?”

You Can!!!!

It’s Only A Bathroom
Think about it…
it’s a bathroom, so how much decorating did they really do?
I am here to tell you it’s the little things — that you love.

It’s tying a room together with simple touches –
that makes everything feel so good.
It’s NOT expensive. Honestly!

Your Mood Booster
Your home should definitely be your mood booster.
It’s where you live, sleep and create memories
It’s also where you go – at the end of a long day.

The colours, the textures, the feel of it all . . .
should calm and soothe you.
If your home doesn’t do that. . . then what will?

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Sue Pitchforth