Most people have one at least one room that they are
embarrassed about. . . .

the dreaded room that you — absolutely must explain. . .

Shopping Won’t Fix It

You promise yourself you will sort it out. . .

it’s at the top of your to-do list.

Things have just been hectic. . .

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More Stuff Is NOT the Answer. . .

I see this all the time. . . .

People tell me all kinds of stories . . . trying to explain why the room
looks like it does!

You are not alone! But, you think probably think you are!

You think your the only hockey parent, soccer mom, or person that
has a “collector” (junk collector;) – in the family . . . nope, your not!!

You’re Stuck: If you weren’t stuck, it would be fixed by now.

Shopping is NOT the Answer – You’re starting with a room that is
a pain point for you. So no purchase can fix that — it will just make
you feel worse and wastes money.

1 Hour – Most times an hour is all you need. This is what I do!
All day, every day! And everyone is always shocked how inexpensive
and how quickly it can be done!!

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Sue Pitchforth