I Just Put It There?

When I walk into a client’s home, I ask a lot of questions.
I want to get a feel for their lifestyle.

My job is to make their home inviting, but most importantly

So when I ask about furniture ie a chair, sofa or table
The answer I often get is. .

“umm, I don’t know – that’s where I put it when we moved in
and I never thought about it?”

What is Furniture Placement?

Furniture placement is how to place, define and compliment a room
with furniture. But, most people don’t give it real any thought.
They unpack and get busy with life.

“The tv goes here and the sofa goes there.
And we filled in the rest with our stuff!”
That’s what I hear all the time.


Furniture placement has a big role in our Decide, Dream,
Design package. . .

I could bore you with all sorts of design language
and trivia but the bottom line is. . . I am trained to make your pieces
(or “stuff”) look great and make your room welcoming!

-Your pieces have a big impact on the design and the flow of the any room.

-It can make the biggest change

-AND –It’s Free – you already have the stuff.

This Won’t Work For Me?

Every day, I have clients say to me. . .

-“I don’t really have anything nice”
-“my kids are young and my stuff is tired”
-“it’s my first house, I don’t have anything for you to work with”
-“my kids are rough on the house, I don’t buy nice things”
-“I have neglected my house, I couldn’t keep up

I smile, proceed. . . Decide, Dream, Design
and in an hour — amaze all my clients who thought they were
the exception to the rule. . . . you see, this is what I do.

And I do it for people just like them and like you!

Sue Pitchforth

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