Why Isn’t Everyone Is Doing This?

I get told every day that I do Interior Design differently.


Honestly, I don’t know what the big fuss is about. This is the only way
that makes sense for me.

And it certainly, is the best fit for the client so why am I the only
one doing it this way?

The Secret Sauce

There really is no secret sauce, the formula is quite simple.

Happy to share it. ….

Here it is, Interior Design should be easy, simple and evolving.
Think about it, your life is evolving so should your home.

So if you spend big dollars, and dive into a huge project —
doesn’t that feel permanent? It would for me.

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Like The Clothes In Your Closet . . .

The clothes in your closet change over time, reflecting perhaps,
a new style, a new job or a new role in your life.
So your home is really the same.

My “secret” is really very simple.

  • Only My Services. – I am paid for my services, only.
    No markups on furniture or anything that you need to buy.
  • Action Consult – Our “consult” is very different.
    You are given some tips, to prepare yourself for my arrival.
    So at the consult, we dive into action right away.
    Whether it’s picking paint colors, or moving some rooms around.
  • Keep The Cost Low – I happily give you every secret,
    tip or hack that I have! I love saving you money!

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Sue Pitchforth