Client: I wanted to do this for years!
Me: What stopped you?

Client: Deer heads
Me: I don’t understand?

Client: They were in style, I saw them on every design show.
I just didn’t want that. . .

You will find that many of the design shows are sponsored
by the same companies. Wayfair has a big role in a lot of shows right now. . .
so you see similar things across a variety of shows.

What Does This Mean?
It means they are going to show things that you can buy from Wayfair.
They are not going to show you how to highlight
your own personal pieces.

Your Collection
I have always found that clients get a real kick out of us highlighting
things from their life and their collection!

What? You don’t have anything like that?
I hear that all the time!!
And honestly, I have yet to meet a person –
who didn’t have something that they treasured;)

Some “collections” we have set up are:
-photo galleries (with themes) ie baby pics, summer, sports pics
-framed recipes from relatives
-framed notes, cards or memorabilia
-rocks (collected by their kids)
-school art creations from kids
-camera collection
-antique jewelry collection
-unique kitchen gadgets
etc. etc. etc.

This works well because
-it’s so much fun
-there’s no extra cost
-and it’s the stuff you like!

AND– it empties your drawers.

BONUS: You Get More Space!

These are the things everyone has in their drawers!
We create wonderful rooms that YOU love because
it’s the stuff you love. . .

Sue Pitchforth