Olympic Athletes work very hard to achieve one big goal…

And you also have one big goal. . .

to sell your house!!!

Get The GOLD!!

Let’s go for the gold!

And let’s not take 4 years to do it!!!

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Home Staging is a MUST

If you are racing in the downhill skiing event. .

you wouldn’t show up without your skis. ..

so don’t try to sell your house without home staging.

Here’s your competitive edge. . .

I am not like other home stagers (in fact I mostly describe myself
as a property stylist)

Here’s the difference

  • On Your Mark – I work with what YOU have! I do not stage
    empty homes.
  • Get Set! – All day, every day, I give homes a fresh look – and
    make them READY to be sold!
  • Go! –I Know The Market – I know what to today’s buyer is
    looking for– I am in the market! So off you go!!!!!!!

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Sue Pitchforth