So many people are waiting to buy new furniture.
To make that expensive purchase that will change everything for them.
I hear it all the time. .
“I was saving up for a new couch.”
“I wanted to get it right because couches are so expensive.”
“I was waiting for . . .(fill in the blank)”
You don’t need to wait until you can afford expensive and luxurious new furniture.
Your couch is almost NEVER the problem.

The Science Of It All

Most of the time, rearranging the furniture makes a huge difference. What? Sounds too simple. . . it’s not!
Wait. .
There is only one spot your sofa can go?
Your space is limited or small?
I hear that all day long. . . . trust me, furniture placement has a huge impact on any room!
There is a great science behind furniture placement and it can make such a difference.
The best part . . . it doesn’t cost you anything!
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Sue Pitchforth