What a wonderful time, I had a meeting with everyone on the
Festive Home Tour. I thought it would be fun, but it was so much
more than that!

I Want To Thank You!
I have had such a wonderful time in the last year, getting to meet so
many amazing people.

When I moved here . . . .I didn’t know how my business would do.

I just pulled up by the roots, and moved here because I always
wanted to live in this area. . .and so I did!

This weekend was just another reminder that I made the right

Gift To You!
Christmas is fun!

It’s another excuse to celebrate your home and your life. But the
real fun comes into — everyday living.

Walking into a home that warms your heart. A home that
celebrates and inspires you. . .and home that is YOU!!

You now know that everything in my home has meaning for me.
It’s not about cost, trends and all that stuff. It’s about loving the
space you live in.

What I did with my home, I can do with yours.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot. It really doesn’t!!

Almost every single client – I have ever had said, “If I had known it
was this simple, I would have done it sooner.”

So here’s your chance!
Because you’ve been a guest in my home:
Here’s my Christmas Gift To You!

Room Special $250 for $199
As my Christmas gift to you!!!!

Yes, I come in and give you a fresh start to the new year – renew
your home! Pick a room! And for $199 – you will start the year
excited by your new space!

Sue Pitchforth