Yesterday, I was talking to someone . . .
Here’s how it went:
Client:  Can you tell me about your style?
Me:      My style?
Client:  Yes, I have been watching all sorts of designer shows, and  I need to know your style so I can see if it’s a good fit for me?
I feel so bad when I hear this. . .
because of all the work that people go through.
Here’s the thing – my style is for my house, not yours.
It’s About You Not Me;)
My job is to bring out your personality in your home!
To celebrate your life and your story!
And the best part is. . . . .
It’s inexpensive, takes less time and you will have all sorts of fun!
You already have a style.  . . I promise!
My job is to pull that together for you. . . with things you already have, and some basic tweaking.
Want to hear more about how we do this. . just give me a call
Sue Pitchforth