How many times do I see this. . . .
Please don’t give this any attention!
It’s not about your style.
It’s about you!
You are You!
You have a story, a home, and a history.
And when I work with you that’s where we start. . .
– with You.
You don’t need to label yourself or what you like.
Don’t limit yourself. Or try to figure anything out.
What I do is. . .help you express yourself in your home, so that you love opening your front door.
But that means starting from where you are. .
and with what you have. . .
All Day Long
I hear things like. .
– “I thought I needed more money or new furniture.”
– “I thought I needed a major TV makeover”
– “I thought I needed to wait until my kids to left home.”
And what I hear all day, every day. .
“I wish I hadn’t waited so long!”
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Sue Pitchforth