So many people start off by telling me…
“My furniture is old, and I just can’t afford to buy new stuff yet”

They put everything on hold . . .
because they think they need big-ticket items to:
– Start the process in any way
– See change
– Make this worthwhile

This isn’t the case at all!

Save Lots Of Money!

Last week, I met with a client…
her relationship had dissolved…

She didn’t have a big budget but she didn’t care
At “all costs” she wanted a new look. . .
She wanted to express herself and change her environment.

I explained . .
she could get everything she wanted without new furniture.

In the first 10 minutes, she was ecstatic
– about my plans
– how we saved all sorts of money
– how easy and inexpensive it was!

Don’t let anything derail your ambitions!

Let’s talk. . .
I promise you it’s easier than you think!

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Sue Pitchforth