Yup, that’s me feeling very awkward!

I am still finding my sea legs as they say, being new to the Ottawa area.
I must admit, it’s a bit cold here but I am learning the art of layering
(like I have never layered before) for my morning walks.

For 16 years, I had my business, Decor Therapy Plus in Whitby,
(it’s about an hour outside Toronto). We specialized in Interior Design and Home Staging.
Everyone there knew my work, so it was a surprise when I made the big leap to Ottawa.
I had a full client base in Whitby, and it kept me very busy but Ottawa was somewhere
I always wanted to be. So when my son moved here, it was a great excuse to make
my dreams a reality but I digress;)

1 Hour Action Consult Special

Anyhow, this week, I was asked to be on CTV’s Morning Show.
I have done lots of local tv appearances in Whitby but this was the next level
and I was really excited but here’s the thing. . . .

I always feel a hesitancy for that first minute.
It’s feels awkward, like they are going to discover my secret?
What is my secret you may wonder. Well, it’s nothing terribly scandalous,
or nothing that would shock the average person but in my industry it can be an issue.

I am not your average designer. First thing,
is that I believe you can make big change on the smallest budgets.
Yep, that’s true. I have worked with extremely low budgets, and been in
and out of someone’s home in an hour and they were thrilled
with the results! Thrilled!!

1 Hour Action Consult Special

I also don’t think your home should look like I was there. . .
it should look like your home. It should reflect your lifestyle, and personality.
It should not be filled with throw pillows that I think are trendy.

But here’s the real problem. I only charge for my services.
I do not make money of your purchases or
by sitting around talking about design either.

So if you are booking me for a consult,
I will give you some things to discuss and think about before I even arrive.
Once I get there, we do a quick stroll through the house and dive into action.
You would be amazed what could be done in just one hour!!

So when you see me on tv, I am trying not to scream into the camera
that this can be simple, fun and inexpensive, no matter how big your house is!”
Look deep into my eyes, so will see what I am talking about lol.

Some thing you could do before I arrive:

  • Gather Paint Samples: We can choose paint colours
  • List Things You Want to Change: It’s probably so much
    simpler than you think. Trust me.
  • Make an “Ugh List”: Ugh, you just don’t know where to start
    and/or you have a few specific nagging issues.

I Am Just a Phone Call Away

Anyhow, Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.
We do this very different than anyone else in the industry,
so it’s often hard for people to believe that it can be so simple.

I am also new to the area, so I am always looking to connect with design enthusiasts–
and people that want to just love their home again.

Sue Pitchforth

P.S. – Don’t forget it’s so easy to love your home again