Yes, it can start to get busy, this time of year.
So before things get hectic, give yourself a gift!
One that will keep giving all through the holidays.

Relax and Enjoy!
Why not, relax – let us decorate your home for the holidays!
We will use your “stuff” — but with a new twist . . . .
That you’re sure to love!

Warm Up The Holidays!
It’s fun to make family and friends feel welcome.
And the smallest touches can make a big impact.

Listen, you can do some really fun stuff with things
from your garage or basement. . something as simple as skates,
can add so much.

If you want some help. . .

This year we have an amazing special. . . .

“Design Your Holidays”
Special for $199

We come to your home and. . . do our. . . .Christmas Magic!

Working with what you have. . .
– we can shake things up with the smallest changes
-it will really get you excited for the holidays!
-you will be so excited to show off your Christmas Home!
(very seldom do you need anything new but if so, we can keep the costs way down!)

It’s a GREAT way to start the holidays!

Sue Pitchforth