Okay, you have decided to take the plunge. . .
You want to really love your home again.
You want it to be a relaxing haven that you enjoy!
What isn’t relaxing though. . .
is the idea of your husband having ideas!  LOL!
Not A Problem. . At All!
I deal with this all day long. . .
Partners and Husbands fall into a number of categories
– They’ll worry about the money
– Don’t like change
– Don’t want an outsider making changes
– They have their own ideas
– They want to be involved
I’ve been told. . .
I’ m as good at managing these dynamics . . .
as I am at design!
So don’t let anyone slow you down at all!
Give me a call. . .(613) 203-0583
– we can have a chat
– you’ll get an idea of how easy this is to navigate.
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Sue Pitchforth