If you’re like most people, every year. . .
you drag a few boxes out.

Start the Christmas process.
and put the “stuff” where it “goes”

And then you begin the Christmas race!

Why Not Freshen It Up!
Yes. Christmas is fast approaching.
I know it’s hard to imagine, it always comes so fast!

But why not, do things differently this year,
have some fun!

Because it doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, what your
furniture looks like – people want to spend time with you.

And it’s fun to make them feel welcome!

This year the biggest trend is using things from your garage or
basement. . something as simple as a toboggan can add so much.

If you want some help. . .

We have an amazing “Design Your Holidays” Special.

We come to your home and do our – Christmas Magic!

– working with what you have, we can do wonderful magic
– we can shake things up with the smallest changes
– you will be so excited to show off your Christmas Home!

It’s simple, looks beautiful and saves you TIME!

It’s a GREAT way to start the holidays!

Just email me at sue@decortherapyplus.com and I can tell you
more… .or feel free to go old school and call me;) 613-203-0583

Sue Pitchforth