How We Know Summer Is On Its Way!

How We Know Summer Is On Its Way!

Yesterday, I was talking to someone . . .

Here’s how it went:

Client: Can you tell me about your style?
Me: My style?
Client: Yes, I have been watching all sorts of designer shows, and
I need to know your style so I can see if it’s a good fit for me?

I feel so bad when I hear this. . .
because of all the work that people go through.
Here’s the thing – my style is for my house, not yours.

It’s About You Not Me;)
My job is to bring out your personality in your home!
To celebrate your life and your story!
And the best part is. . . . .

It’s inexpensive, takes less time and you will have all sorts of fun!

You already have a style. . . I promise!
My job is to pull that together for you. . . with things you already
have, and some basic tweaking.

Want to hear more about how we do this. . just give me a call

Sue Pitchforth

How We Know Summer Is On Its Way!

How We Know Summer Is On Its Way!

The Ottawa Cottage Life and Backyard show mean. . .
summer is on its way!!

I have been asked to present at the show again this year!
And I have some real fun stuff planned.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Room!

There are so many ways you can enjoy your outdoor space with
very little money or effort. And I really do mean. . “very little.”

Come on down and see me!
You really don’t want to miss out!

I will be on stage
Friday April 12th @ 2pm
Saturday, April 13th @1pm

I will be sharing the stage with some amazing personalities.
(It’s always great fun). It’s also great fun to connect with people like you.
Come down and see me, I would love to chat.

Just connect with me through email or call me at
613-203-0583 to get more details. You can also visit me on
Facebook for more information

Or click here for the link for details about the Cottage Life and
Backyard show.

Sue Pitchforth

Design Dialogue!

Design Dialogue!

Okay, you have decided to take the plunge. . .
You want to really love your home again.
You want it to be a relaxing haven that you enjoy!
What isn’t relaxing though. . .
is the idea of your husband having ideas!  LOL!
Not A Problem. . At All!
I deal with this all day long. . .
Partners and Husbands fall into a number of categories
– They’ll worry about the money
– Don’t like change
– Don’t want an outsider making changes
– They have their own ideas
– They want to be involved
I’ve been told. . .
I’ m as good at managing these dynamics . . .
as I am at design!
So don’t let anyone slow you down at all!
Give me a call. . .(613) 203-0583
– we can have a chat
– you’ll get an idea of how easy this is to navigate.
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Sue Pitchforth
My Nest Isn’t Pretty!

My Nest Isn’t Pretty!

My Nest, My Job ?
There is always some revelation when I work with a client.  It’s amazing how changing your environment bring up all sorts of issues or conversations.  This week a client of mine said something that I hear a lot. .  .”why did I feel so bad that I couldn’t do this.”
Smart and Successful!
My client is very smart and successful in her own career. . .
yet, she found decorating hard work and frustrating
“I kept thinking I wasn’t trying hard enough but honestly, I just don’t have the eye for it.”
What’s super interesting was this insight:
“I think somehow I tied it into my ability to provide a loving home, building a safe nest for my loved ones, into design? I now realize it not!”
Every Client
Almost every client tells me . . .”I wish I had done it sooner.”
And that they are surprised how much it impacted their mood.
Your home is your resting spot, your haven after a long day.
Regardless of your budget, you can love the home you live in.
Reach out to me. . .if you have wanted to change anything in your home.  There is nothing stopping you – not even a budget.
Sue Pitchforth
It’s Not Your Sofa’s Fault!

It’s Not Your Sofa’s Fault!

So many people are waiting to buy new furniture.
To make that expensive purchase that will change everything for them.
I hear it all the time. .
“I was saving up for a new couch.”
“I wanted to get it right because couches are so expensive.”
“I was waiting for . . .(fill in the blank)”
You don’t need to wait until you can afford expensive and luxurious new furniture.
Your couch is almost NEVER the problem.

The Science Of It All

Most of the time, rearranging the furniture makes a huge difference. What? Sounds too simple. . . it’s not!
Wait. .
There is only one spot your sofa can go?
Your space is limited or small?
I hear that all day long. . . . trust me, furniture placement has a huge impact on any room!
There is a great science behind furniture placement and it can make such a difference.
The best part . . . it doesn’t cost you anything!
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Sue Pitchforth
Are You Embarrassed?

Are You Embarrassed?

People tell me regularly. . they feel embarrassed.
They want my help but they are embarrassed . .
by how long they have been “living like this.”

It’s My Skill Set, And You Have Yours!

Some people get design skills confused with nurturing and creating a warm home for their family. The two have nothing in common.

I love designing and have been working hard at it for almost 20 years now. It’s my job. It’s also my passion and where my talents lay.
Design it not connected to your femininity, creativity or efficiency — design is a whole career that requires experience and constant education.
It’s a skill set – like any other profession.
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Sue Pitchforth