What an exciting welcome to Ottawa, to share the stage with Brian Baeumler.
Yes, Brian and I were some of the guest speakers at the Ottawa Home Show last week.

So Renewed and Refreshed!

My topic was on how to renew and refresh your home but by the time I was done,
I felt renewed and refreshed! All the Guest Speakers were great,
the audience was amazing,
the whole event was wonderful.

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Why Renew And Refresh?

If I only had one message, it would be that you do not have to spend
big dollars to have a fresh look. You can really renew and
refresh your look with the smallest budgets. I have actually done
some crazy makeovers where my main supplier was the dollar store.
I am not kidding!

Now, I have been doing this for years, and now what and where to buy.
I get it. But, the point, I am making as a Interior Design can be simple,
easy and inexpensive.

  • The Right Designer: Can help you execute your dreams
    with minimal effort and cost.
  • Relax – It’s not like TV. It doesn’t have to be a big budget and big production.
    You can make small changes throughout your house or just focus on one area.
  • Refresh and Renew – This is something that you can do at anytime.
    Once you learn the tricks here, you can do it seasonally
    if you want or whenever you feel like a change.

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Don’t Wait

The one thing I repeatedly hear from my clients is;
“I wish I hadn’t waited!” It’s not a huge undertaking or expense,
don’t wait for the right time, or the next stage of your life to love your space.
Love it everyday! Love it Today!

Sue Pitchforth