Every day, I meet people who think they only have two options. . .

Option #1
With all the Design shows out there, you are lead to believe that
you need tons of money to make any difference in your home.
But if you’re like most of my clients, you don’t want to spend that kind
of money on design (even if you had it).

Option #2
Get your glue guns out!!! It’s all about Doing It Yourself crafts!
The experts show you that with lots of tools and time you can decorate cheaply.
You just need about a $100 dollars worth of supplies to make a $10 item. What?
This doesn’t interest you either?

There is an Another Way!
My clients are always so amazed at how inexpensive
and quickly it’s done. . .

Here’s some things you need to know:

-You actually have most of what you need. It’s your home,
you already have things that reflect your personality and lifestyle.
I promise!

-Tying a room together makes all the difference
The shapes and size of items make such an impact on
how you’re welcomed into any room. Simply moving some furniture around
will make the world of difference for you!

-Sentimental pieces are wonderful accents
Everyone has things they treasure and for some reason, most
of us keep them in drawers. You can show off your little treasures in ways
that will beautify your room and warm your heart.
These types of things make the best accents in any room!

It’s Quick and Easy
What we do is come and make big changes, most of the time in an hour!
It’s not supposed to be hard, or costly. Who needs that!

For me, it’s not about design. . .
It’s always about uplifting a room and the people in it!!

Sue Pitchforth