Every time you walk by “that” room, you get a sense of dread.
You can feel it changes your mood.

Then you notice something else that needs updating!
Suddenly, it becomes a 3-room pile up before you can
think straight!

So where do you start?
How much will it cost?
How long will it take?

One Room At A Time
If you do one room at a time, it will be:
-more enjoyable
-allow you to leverage your success into other rooms

Learn Your Likes
My clients often learn a great deal from finishing one room and
use that information on their next room. It may be something like
a colour that you now love and want to bring into the next room.

It happens all the time. . . my clients will be excited by an outcome
and want to replicate it in smaller doses elsewhere in their home.

So many of my clients just saw their home as one big “reno”
project and they felt like they were always moving further
and further away from the goal.

I promise you! It’s MUCH easier than you think!

The #1 Thing I hear from my clients. . .
“I wish I had done this sooner!”

Sue Pitchforth