Are you a New Year’s Resolution type person?
How do you make promises to yourself?
What’s on that agonizing list of self-improvement LOL?

Make One You Can Keep.
It’s a New Year, so why not start off feeling GREAT!
Do something special for yourself. . something you can really enjoy
for the whole year.

A New Room!

It’s simple, inexpensive and easy to do!
Make your resolution. . . “I am going to have another room, that I
just love to be in!”

It’s really a great way to bring a fresh energy to a new year!

Sentimental Time
The holidays can be a time to stir up memories as you trip across
sentimental pieces, or decorations from years gone by. . . so it
makes it the perfect time to bring new life into a room.

It’s our stories, our memories . . . all those things in your basement
and closets that make the best accents in any room. Everyone
thinks “I am different” – that’s what I always hear. .

And then. . . as I leave and they are thrilled!
I repeatedly hear “I can’t believe it”

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Sue Pitchforth