In order to save money, do you have to put in sweat equity?
Do you have to “Do It Yourself” until your exhausted?
If you’re like my clients, that all seems like too much work!

Repurpose It Instead
The most fun I have on any given day. . ..
is watching my clients shocked at how a little “shake up”
can change the whole look of a room. For example. Recently,
I was working on this client’s living room space.

She had been looking for a new tv stand. . .and couldn’t find any
she liked. She wanted it to have drawers but not take up too much
space and to have a warmth to soften the look of her husband’s
big flat screen tv.

Long story short, I found an older dresser in another room that was
hidden in the closet and used for excess storage. We dusted it off,
put new hardware on it (that’s design lingo for knobs lol) – and voila!
She loved it!

I do this stuff all the time.
And every single time, my clients cannot believe they
-had stuff we could use
-how great it looks
-how easy it is to repurpose or upcycle!

It’s never been about design – for me. . .
It’s about uplifting a room and the people in it!!

Sue Pitchforth