It’s about Creating a Space that Supports and Comforts You!

My fundamental belief is that a designer should not leave their style, their “stamp” in your home.  It’s all about you.  Creating an environment that works for your lifestyle and one that celebrates you.
We start with what you already have in your home.  Furniture placement  can have a huge impact on any room.  You would be amazed at what we can do before even one purchase is made.  Everyone thinks there home is the exception to this rule but it’s not the case.


Our process is simple, quick and rewarding!

I’m here to help you improve your life by improving your home.

At Home Decor Therapy we understand the profound impact a home can have on your life.
It’s way more than decorating.
It’s creating a home that:
  • Greets you at the end of the day
  • Supports your lifestyle
  • Creates memories
Our clients are always surprised by the ripple effect that decorating has on the rest of their life.
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